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Can I pay for an item/service and be reimbursed?

No. As your FMS, we are not allowed to reimburse the participant/family member if they purchase an item/service. The FMS must pay and seek repayment from the Regional Center.

Can my ESPs be reimbursed for mileage?

Mileage can be reimbursed to employee service providers at $0.625/mile (IRS rate). The participant’s ESPs can be reimbursed by submitting a mileage log along with their time tickets to:

Can we pay for services using a credit card?

ESPs are paid bi-weekly, by check or direct deposit.

VSPs are paid monthly, by a manual check. They can send a digital invoice to the email, and we can pay by card from there.

Who pays for the fingerprinting?

Cambrian does not pay for the ESPs fingerprinting. It is the ESP’s responsibility to cover their own fingerprinting costs. If they want to come to an arrangement with the family, that is between the ESP and the family.

What if I need to get a service such as a course or camp purchased right away?

Immediately send an email marked important (!) with an explanation for urgency.


We will attempt to make the purchase. However, there is no guarantee for the time of purchase. CFMS bears no responsibility for failure to order such a service on time.

Purchases: How do I purchase items using my spending plan funds?

FMS agencies cannot directly reimburse participant/family member for the purchase of goods. Therefore, every item must be purchased through our accounting department.

For an Item to be purchased, you will need to complete a purchase request form. This form includes client's name, service code, shipping address, reason for purchase (must support, and an active link to the item to be purchased. The request should be sent to: by Wednesday. Otherwise, it will not be bought until the following Wednesday.

Can I pay overtime to my workers

Yes, you can pay overtime for your workers, in line with Cambrian’s policies on overtime. However, you will have to accommodate for this in your spending plan, keeping in mind the Employer’s Burden will also apply to overtime hours.

Are background checks necessary? (related and un-related ESPs)

Cambrian FMS requires all Employee Service Providers to complete this, to safeguard the health and safety of the Participant. It is not negotiable. Only when the services are provided virtually will we waive the need for background checks, and there is a template letter that needs to be signed.

Who communicates with the service providers (ESPs & VSPs)?

The participant/family member is responsible for getting the service providers to submit paperwork to Cambrian. Cambrian is not responsible for communicating with the service providers regarding  paperwork, scheduling, etc.

Who is my Point of Contact?

Please refer to the Contact us page.​

How can I use Uber/Lyft?

You can utilize Uber or Lyft. Complete a purchase request form with a requested total amount. A digital card will be emailed.  The maximum for a single gift card is $200.00.  Once the gift card has a zero balance, a new card will need to be requested using the purchase request form.

What is the Employer’s Burden?

Cambrian’s employer burden stands at 25%. When the participant takes on individuals as ESPs, Cambrian becomes their ‘Employer of Record’. Therefore, we have to cover the overhead costs of employing this individual, which includes: Federal & State unemployment taxes, contributions to Medicare & FISCA (social security tax), sick leave, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, Payroll processing fees, administrative staff, etc. 

Where can I go and get my fingerprints taken?

There are several locations where you can get your fingerprints taken e.g. Wellness Mart,

What happens if I need to move funds in my spending plan?

Per DDS guidelines, one can move up to 10% of funds from one category to another. The Regional Center must be notified. Cambrian must be informed of this decision in advance so that a new spending plan is created and sent to the Service Coordinator at the Regional Center. Moving sums exceeding 10% of the category’s total requires authorization from the Regional Center. A meeting will be scheduled to review the IPP and a decision made if funds are authorized to be moved.

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